Saturday, July 16, 2016


The Council meeting Monday July 18 at a special meeting starting at 7 pm. I presume that this meeting is to replace the cancelled Agenda Fixing Session of July 11 and the regular business meeting that was scheduled for 8pm on the 18th.

The agenda includes only Resolutions and two Ordinances for first reading. There is no item for Ordinances for second reading so I must believe that none are outstanding.

Of the Resolutions there is one appointing another municipal court judge. Cassandra Corbett is already serving as Chief Municipal Judge in Linden and a Judge in Union.  No salary is given.

WE should have an accounting of costs for legal related services including perks. There seems to be a network of lawyers receiving reimbursement from multiple municipalities that adds up to a tidy individual income before having to do private practice.

Most of the other resolutions on initial scanning seem to be routine with the exception of one authorizing purchase of 12 LED signs for use at four way stop intersections at a cost of approximately $4300.00 each. Was a RFP sought for these signs?

They are a good idea for safety, although I believe that many of the four way stops are irrational and like the one at Kensington and watching an attempt to correct a problem involving one street has now created one also involving the other street.

The two new Ordinances; one sets the salary line and I suspect creates the parameters for a “Fire Protection Inspector”. The other gives the city the right for police etc. activities in the private roadways and parking areas of the new South Second Street project.

This Special Meeting is a summer compromise to avoid the usual Council order of doing business and it should be a brief meeting.


  1. The council combined an agenda-fixing meeting and regular meeting the last time this was tried. By calling this one a "special meeting," the resolutions are already numbered, presuming consent by the governing body. What do you think of that?

    1. As I noted, this is an attempt to circumvent the Charter and City Codes and hold one meeting instead of two. I don't know if this is a political move that would please Hillary who has little regard for proper procedures and the law or to emulate Trump who would proclaim new laws without legal justification.
      I know that there was a notice cancelling the Agenda fixing meeting, but I never saw one about the 8pm meeting.