Tuesday, July 19, 2016


What a farce and disrespect for Plainfield citizens. Yet, once again this Council has circumvented the Plainfield Code for its convenience.

Monday night was a wasted evening/ My time could have been better spent watching one of the baseball games, or even writing Tuesday’s blog.  Which I wanted to postpone until after the first day of the Republican Convention was history.

In fact at 7 pm, the time called for the Special Meeting, less than ten residents and only three Councilors were physically present. Council President Storch made the quorum via speakerphone. With all due credit he must have been in his car since he arrived at 7:20 informally dressed.

Storch said he had just returned from vacation and although he had read the agenda he had not reviewed the support material so he asked questions about some of the resolutions. Too often the City Administrator was vague in his answers. Please watch the replay on the city TV.

Councilors Taylor, Brown and Rivers did not bother to attend. Councilor Taylor who pays no city taxes since her late husband had a disable veteran’s exemption has a history of missing meetings. I would question why she still benefits from her husband’s exemption since the privilege was designed to enable that type veteran who had no income protect his property.

I am sure that Taylor’s pension income far exceeds the income of many taxpayers, so that each and every one who pays taxes has not only been responsible form her taxes but are also through her Council reimbursement and perks adding however small to her income.

As to the meeting; all Resolutions and the two Ordinances for first reading were adopted by a 4:0 vote and the meeting ended at7:45 pm. Once again city money was spent without a significant number of Councilors participating. They must all have become anti-Trump Republican and boycotting their party.

Disclaimer: I pay my taxes although I  am a WWII combat veteran (Purple Heart award). who has no pension and must supplement a limited dividend income by expending saved capital some from mandated withdrawal of IRAs. I am theoretically a disable veteran however my physical problems are not war related and my income would make me ineligible for tax exemption.  

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  1. Thank you, Doc for noticing. It seems that some councilors didn't feel the items on the agenda worth their time. Maybe they feel they don't get "paid enough", to quote a past councilperson.

    I also agree on Taylor's not paying any taxes. She, who protests that all city employees don't live in Plainfield, made her very large pension from other communities. I wish I made working full-time what she gets in retirement and I have a masters and 26 years teaching adults. At least our kids should benefit from last night's meeting.