Monday, July 11, 2016


Once again a very belated blog due to morning pressures which took up available time. And then after lunch I made the mistake of reading my e-mails including news reports from the Washington Post and USA TODAY.

Tonight’s meeting may be decisive as to the Muhlenberg property. I mentioned earlier that political factors prevented the retention of the hospital or its replacement, I think that a close look at events will confirm that fact.
Economically also with the expansion of Obamacare there has been a limiting of funds for beds, a trend that the Insurance Companies have encouraged. Also in the last decade there has been an explosion in hospital mergers and consolidations resulting in anti-competitive atmosphere.

Government regulations and the Insurers continued restrictions on reimbursement to providers has so changed the delivery of health care that it has become dollar oriented  rather than patient focused.

The majority of physicians are now employed either in large groups, or as members of hospital related groups such as Atlantic Health Care practices in which the Hospital affiliated organization takes care of the billing and staffing of the offices. The physicians are now not only salaried, but can work 9 to 5 hours. Once they leave their office base they can divorce themselves from patients. If you call after hours you are told to call 911 for emergencies

I am not forgetting that the doctor who sees you in the hospital may be paid by the hospital while at the same time the physician whose office you have gone to may not see patients in the hospital.

Certainly JFK will not tolerate competition no matter how limited with an acute care facility on the Muhlenberg campus.

Likewise I believe that the talk of a medical mall whatever, that is, is not doable unless JFK will sponsor the physicians, again unlikely. Moreover, if another group of doctors who are affiliated with another hospital system would set up practices there I can see JFK abandoning its satellite ER services.

Yes delivery of medical has changed drastically since the event of the HMOs and the ACA. It is big business now with the Insurance companies and the large pharmacies as well as strong monopolies of Hospital groups aided by autocratic regulations determining how, when, and where the public receives it.

I may be wrong but I believe that we can forget better health services for Plainfield at Randolph Road and Park Avenue.


  1. The devil is in the details...... Look only to Sharon Robinson Briggs and Jerry Green for their collusion in the demise of our hospital. Not a word uttered from either of them regarding stopping the closure when first announced, but rather all they would say is what they would "do" ( you know, sit around and do..well...nothing ) for the community when it closed.
    They sealed their guilt with their actions. Here we are all these years later, begging for scraps from JFK. One has to wonder the worldy delights the co-conspirators were awarded.
    They knew it was coming. They did nothing, and said nothing. Don't worry Jerry, you and Sharon left your mark on Plainfield for decades to come.

  2. A home for veterans is Jerry Greens idea.