Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Wednesday night after dinner I was with good intentions going to sit down a write Thursday blog. But first I had to clean up a pile of papers on my desk after reading my email reports from the Washington Post, the Times and USA TODAYf plus some comments that I had been mailed.

Also Dawg demanded some attention.

Among my papers I found my bank cancelled checks dated June 23 for re3conciling. Somehow a few of the previous month’s entries had been cancelled so it took time to get that straight and lo and behold it was 10:30

The news in the Times takes “time to read and digest as does my other real newspaper, the WSJ. Especially the columnists. Too many important subjects in the good press not the TV news 30 minutes of murders, robberies, and other criminal acts besides accidents.

The Attorney General’s announcement that the Clinton e-mail mess was being closed and no action will be taken. The fact that one of the five candidates for leadership of the UK’s Conservative party was dropped as a result of Monday’s vote of their Parliament members and another quit leaving three for Thursday’s vote when the final two to be present late summer for the more than 500000 party members to vote upon should interest us.

The choice will be between two women and ultimately Britain besides Germany will have a woman at the head of its government. Will we make that three?

When and how the UK invokes Article 50 and starts the process of BREXIT will also be an evolving matter and what its effect on world economy should be of concern to America.

Thursday I AM GOING TO POST by afternoon my take on the latest about our candidates for President.

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