Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Yesterday was the hottest day of this year muggy and in the middle of a heat wave punctured by a violent thunder storm around 5:30 pm.  By that time the temperature at the Democrat Convention had dropped.

One thing is obvious; Sanders may not have won the nomination but will be a tremendous force in Democratic politics. He has influenced the platform and the question now will be as President remain so far to the left that the socialist policies she is now espousing will be a negative financial force?

But what was most disturbing was the leaking of the emails hacked by two Russian sites; Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear who seem to have government connections.

Is the Russian Government trying to influence the American election? Quiet likely, but who would they wish to be elected?

Clinton who they have already embarrassed by leaking the DNC e-mails and no doubt have hacked her server when she was Secretary of State. Rump who has already expressed admiration for Putin, and has also remarked that the Baltic States were not worth going to war over a Russian takeover despite our NATO commitments.

This is going to be a dirty campaign from now on to Election Day. Who should we desire? The Clinton of e-mail fame or the Trump of Trump University and “The Wall”?

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  1. Hi Doc,

    We both know that Trump really likes Putin. They have so much in common: ego, hate for those who don't love them, and a personality that would make someone like MUSSOLINI jealous. It is scary when you think that this communist-like government run by an autocrat is trying to get his twin in office in the US. Very scary. I hope none of Trump's people are involved in this or this will be the end of his career in politics.