Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The Mayor deserves an A for effort, however what was presented Monday night was a repetition of the ’same old same old”. At least it was a plan.

The new consultant found a developer, CHA, who presented what was essentially the same plan suggested by the original consultant whose job was to determine if the site was in need of redevelopment and the best possible use.; The suggestion was a combination of “Health Services” plus residential space for “veterans, those needing assisted living,, elderly and another group which I forgot.

From the beginning of the present process the original consultant recommend a mixed use for the area, part for medical services and part residential. The residential portion has met strong objection from the public especially the area residents.

The developer’s proposal which has to be in flux suggested 190000 sq.feet (47%) for health services and 149000 sq feet (37%) for residential. The number of proposed units was not mentioned.

First of all the property has to be purchased from JFK,which means that negotiations must take place. Although the developer claims to have cordial relationships with JFK, I am sure that JFK will “negotiate from strength”.

Secondly I am sure although it was denied JFK will include an anti- competitive clause in the sale.

The term “Medical Services was repeatedly used without a clarification. Yes doctors were mentioned but also was Day Care center, commercial laboratories, diabetes counselling, home nursing centers etc. No specific physician occupancy because the developer can’t seek providers  for space that is not owned.

The developer who in 2008 created   something at Barnert Hospital in Patterson which probably contained an urgent care facility and outpatient surgical rooms including a diversity of physician providers;skirted the question about would  any group affiliated with another Health Care System be acceptable to JFK, Of course not.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            My impression is what we might get could be offices of doctors performing various patient services, but the fact of life is that they would have to be committed to JFK.

Most of the audience speakers expressed their concern with the ‘living spaces” as being unacceptable all spoke of the need of a replacement hospital which in the present economic and political climate is an impossibility. The fact that a certificate of need would be required from the State was ignored by all who clamored for a replacement hospital.

More on this subject in a follow up posting.

Perhaps the only way Plainfield’s minimum needs could be met is to obtain the property through the use of eminent domain which would take years and mean high legal fees.


  1. Here is my opinion of how this stuff works, and I think this might be where the confusion and/or frustration comes in. A developer such as CHA doesn't have a 100% fixed proposal with renters/tenants etc when they respond to an RFP. They are formulating some ideas, without a set of tenants - I am sure the details behind these plans come closely after as interested parties hear about the opportunity and the entire development plan is formulated. I also think it is important to remember that demand drives development - not just desire.

    1. You are correct in that a developer can't have commitments from renters/tennants before they have possesion of the properties. However,my point as that any group of physician practices will be in competition with JFK docs epecially if they are financially affiliated. Today 60% of doctors are salaried by hospit5als, or hospital affiliated practices such as Atlantic Health Care or a few large independent groups such as Summit. The individual or small 2/3 man groups are dodos because3 of the costs and regulations running the business of medicine.Without such a group in a medical mall the services avaiable to the public will not be doctor related health care; more likely day care, diease related information /control services, PT etc. When we are being prokmissed Health Services without disclosure we are buying a pig in a poke.