Thursday, July 21, 2016


Tonight is Trump's for a change

Wednesday night at the Republican convention was to be the beginning of “Days of Wine and Roses” ** Leadership knew that “To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag.”( Pauline Hanson)

That lasted until Cruz began his prime time speech before VP nominee Pence was to make his acceptance speech aimed at getting the reluctant conservative wing aboard the Trump train.

Cruz in effect refrained from supporting Trump
the nominee, despite the pledge he. And all the other candidates took early in the campaign.

Instead he urged the delegates to vote their consciences. He was loudly booed by the majority of delegates present and the Donald upstaged him by entering the Hall in the middle of Cruz’s oration.

Cruz later said that he would not vote for Hillary but that Trump had made it impossible to have his support when he had attacked Cruz’s wife. He was waiting for Trump’s acceptance speech.

Pence at his turn spent the time praising Trump and his determination at the same time observing how his own values would mesh with Trump.

When Pence finished speaking Trump as customary came out on the stage to acknowledge his VP. But instead of join hands above the head with Pence he blew him an air kiss , no arms around and then left Pence alone on the stage for his family. Trump had once again proved that he knows no political properness.

This is going to be the most unusual “partnership”.

**The days of wine and roses laugh and run away like a child at play
Through a meadow land toward a closing door
A door marked "nevermore" that wasn't there before       (
Henry Mancini - Days Of Wine And Roses Lyrics)

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