Friday, July 1, 2016


Is there a commonality between BREXIT and the Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders phenomena’s?

There are those that believe all three represent for better or worse a “Populist Spring” revolution.

All three represented an objection to elitism in government; to a resentment of the loss of the people’s power to make its laws. Much has been talked about the rank and file working class in the UK reaction against the influx of immigrants and foreign workers creating lack of low level jobs for the resident population.

Some believe that it was rather an objection to enclaves of people whose customs, religion ethnicity accompanied by a different language that set them apart from the masses that precipitated the vote to leave the EU.

More likely it was a resentment to having to abide by laws set by a body to which the Brits had no input.

If this is true it is no more than a 21st Century expression of the Boston Tea Party and the cause of the American Revolution; the right of the people to govern themselves.

Sanders’ socialist agenda I similarly an attempt for the people to determine a “democratic society” as a way of life not one ruled by laws that are determined by a powerful few.

Trump’s appeal has been a call to overthrow our government’s regulation of every aspect of our daily activities.

Jefferson and Madison preached against a small elite group running the Government. During the era of the Railroad Barons, the Standard Oil Company (Rockerfeller), the Carnegie control of the steel industry this was negated by their economic power in which one party could be favored over others.

The first true attack was the Sherman Antitrust act of1890 who said” It is the right of every man to work. Labor, and produce in any lawful vocation and to transport his production on equal terms and conditions and under like circumstances, this is industrial liberty, and lies at the foundation of the equality of all rights and privileges”.

Under Woodrow Wilson the greatest attack on monopolies took place and perhaps lasted until the post Regan era when such acts as the unregulated airline act instead of creating more competition resulted into mergers so that only about four major airlines now exist and completely control the cost of air transportation and its services.

Similarly we now have the Banking industry centered into perhaps 5 or 6 major companies.

Free and open international trade has been the bulwark of our financial independence not restrictive agreements or tariffs. Restrictive tariffs did not protect jobs as the pre WWII experience showed. Government cannot regulate this to the people’s benefit.

The more governments control services and industries the less is the incentives to develop new ideas and new jobs. With the increase of efficiency jobs are lost but new industries do not develop and therefore new jobs are not created.

There is much more to the revival of Populism

Which would take several pages to post. The danger is that many who are supporting our political proponents have not considered their personalities which will create a real threat to our way of life. That would not be what was intended but rather a repetition of the ultimate course of the “Islamic Spring”.

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