Friday, July 15, 2016


No this is not the site, just a bragging explanation why so late.

Four generations is enough to keep one from blogging,

Once again external events has taken priority over a planned blog.  Blogs related to the Republican Convention, and the Council meeting both scheduled for Monday will be posted over the weekend.

Today terrorism has again struck the European/Western world, Neither ISIS any other Islam terrorist group has claimed responsibility as of this hour.
The Terrorist has been reported as of Tunisian ethnicity.

“The French government keeps no official statistics on the number of Muslims in France, the estimates vary widely from 3 per cent to 10 per cent of the population. The majority of Muslims come from the North African colonies of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the majority of whom have French nationality”. Some as Algerians but others by naturalization
“In 2004, a study by the National Institute of Democratic Studies (INSED) found there were approximately 1.5 million from these countries with foreign nationality, approximately 675,000 Algerians, 625,000 Moroccans and 225,000 Tunisians” (Wikipidia).

After WWII the independence movement was peaking in Africa with armed opposition. In 1943, French citizenship was given as an option to many North Africans. In 1959 de Gaulle granted Muslims in Algeria the full rights of French citizenship. At the same time France granted Tunisia and Morocco independence, and their borders with Algeria were militarized with barbed wire and electric fencing

The armed opposition continued in Algeria and in July 1962 it (Algeria) was granted after a referendum its independence

This is the Promenade des Anglais (1960s photo) a 6 lane parkway, where the slaughter took place. You can see how vulnerable it could be.


  1. Beautiful family, Doc. They are lucky to have you at the helm.

  2. Anon 540 Thank you but I am the lucky one to have had them and to know that they all still speak to me.