Saturday, January 16, 2016


A quick glance at the agenda for Tuesday night’s Council meeting reveals nothing startling from the results of the agenda Fixing Session.

There is one resolution that did strike my eye; R047-16 appropriating $75,000.00 for purchase of advertising time on Comcast. Where will Comcast run the ads? What will be the nature of the ads in the promotion of Plainfield? Where and when will be the exposure? More info is needed before approval.

Sadly because of what appeared to be just nasty political reasons the Resolution moving the BOE meeting back to the November General election was not put on the agenda.

None of the 4 Councilors who voted against it gave any reason why they did not approve of it, in fact one insinuated that the focus for this resolution was the Mayor’s conflict with the BOE leadership.

Once again I will state that it is part of the Councilors fiduciary responsibility to the public to give a reason why they feel that they must reject or abstain from voting for a Resolution or Ordinance. In this case the Public’s best interests have been ignored and if the Council truly wants to represent the people of Plainfield it will introduce that resolution as a “walk on” Tuesday night.

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