Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Today’s extreme cold with a single digit wind chill factor may convince me that staying home is a good option since there are only a few items that could merit discussion on tonight’s agenda; namely one, the contract with Comcast for advertising, which needs amplification as to where the ads would be placed to reach the target audience and two the new ordinance regarding the PARSA appointment;

Be assured that if it were not the fact these ancient bones are now dependent on a walker which I must get out of or replace in the car’s trunk, I would have no reluctance to brave the cold. I have been about today and found it very uncomfortable

The one Ordinance for 1st reading, the ID should receive support from a substantial segment of the city residents. And be approved for next month’s second and final vote.

Once again I must appeal to the Councilors to give a brief explanation when they abstain or vote against any resolution or ordinance. The public should know and appreciate why the Councilor could not approve the resolution.


  1. Roberts Rules forbids any explanation at the time of voting. Only the vote may be stated. Any explanation must be given during the time allotted for discussion of the motion.

    1. That is 100% correct.There is time for discussion when the item is brought up on the floor before the vote is called, or when the Councilors have their comment time before the endof the meeting of the meeting