Wednesday, January 20, 2016


“Win win”, Gloria has uttered that phrase at last once every Council meeting .But was it “win win” Tuesday night at the Council meeting? I don’t believe so.

I posted Tuesday that due to the extreme cold and wind because of my physical status I would not go to the meeting since there was nothing on the agenda for the Council to get into a turmoil.

My comments are based on Bernice’s post about the meeting. It is obvious that once again the political divisiveness fostered by ex-Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs and Gloria was once again in full force.

A policy for having IDs issued by the city is a good one. To try to make an independent ethnic group which seems to have a conflict with another group representing the same population as a participant is just a political ploy. An official document does not have to have every group in the community involved in its development as long as the product meets the needs being addressed.

The Council should hear and consider comments from all the public before adopting or rejecting an Ordinance or Resolution. That is what the Public commentary sessions are for.

To threaten even by implication to withhold ultimate approval unless the administration includes another party is just petty obstructionism.

It would serve the city better if instead of showboating Councilors would explain why they can’t approve of an “item”. That would convince us that their action was not due to a personal or political motivation.


  1. At Least she didn't say she felt disrespected.

  2. I guess whatever deal that was made to give her the Chair didn't include her not being an obstructionist.

  3. There should be no ID's given to illegals whatsoever. Send them back to wherever they came from. This country is being destroyed by illegals. Look at Plainfield. Look at Newark. Progress? I don't think so.