Saturday, January 30, 2016


Monday, the first day of February, will be marked with the Iowa Caucuses and the Council’s Agenda Fixing Session. Weather permitting and if available adequate access to the sidewalk is present, I will attend the Council meeting.

I hope to post comments on the proposed agenda for Monday this weekend. Suffice to say there is a lot of meat that will take time to comprehend. That includes several resolutions and ordinances dealing with the South Second Street redevelopment as well as other city properties. One that needs further documented explanation is why a contract for development of a downtown parking garage is awarded to the $60,750.00 bidder instead of the $51,810 one.

Nationally politically Thursday’s debate has been considered by almost all the pundits as a loss for Cruz. That is not the world’s end unless Trump now receives a substantial majority of the committed Iowan delegates.

Rubio hopes a strong finish here will establish him as the Party’s elite’s torchbearer to stop Trump at the Convention. I would hope one of the three, Bush Kasich, or even Christie will have a strong enough third place showing to become a real factor in the nomination hunt. If so that person could be a brokered nominee.

As to the Democrats, the choice between heavily baggaged Hillary with the newest release that her emails contained Top Secret  emails;   and everything for free Sanders is a gloomy one. O’Malley the only other declared candidate is far in the dust although he may be the best of the three.

Is a possible Bloomberg Presidential Candidacy a possibility? Perhaps but a third party candidate has little chance of getting a majority. Even if Bloomberg would receive a plurality he would not be elected because if there is no m majority of electoral votes for one candidate, the House of Representatives gets to elect the President. The results of Novembers vote will determine if it will be a Democrat or Republican.

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