Thursday, January 7, 2016


Wednesday January 6th for all practical pu4rposes never happened. At least in this domicile after 8 am for the next 12 hours good intentions gave way to repeated visits from Morpheus.

I was attempting to makes some sense or understand what deal had occurred before the Election of Cory Storch as Council President. This was not the rumored deal that I had expected.

Could the unusual nonattendance off Jerry have any connection with Gloria’s turncoat vote? Or, was it just an acknowledgement of his true interest in Plainfield since the two Councilors being sworn in where not his handpicked candidates?

What Gloria’s future may be could be one of the peculiarities of the Mapp administration including some of his appointments or proposed structural changes.

Never the less local happenings are insignificant when one considerers our weather which is beyond human control. Or, the long term potential catastrophic effects of the escalating conflict between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia.

This latest explosion between the two bitter factions of Islam; one led by power hungry Iran and the other by the Monarchy of Saudi Arabia was fueled by the Tehran Iranians attacking Saudi Arabia’s embassy and the later reports of the Saudi’ air force bombing the Iran Embassy in Yemen.

The excuse of the Shiite mob was the execution of VAl-Nimr, a Saudi and beloved cleric among Shiite Muslims who made his mark during the Arab Spring protests, was among 47 people executed Saturday by Sunni-led Saudi Arabia. Most of those killed were Sunnis linked to al-Qaeda attacks in the kingdom, The Saudis say al-Nimr, one of the four Shiites who were executed, was being encouraged by Iran to foment unrest. The Saudis claimed that al-Nimr, one of the four Shiites who were executed, was being encouraged by Iran to foment unrest.

Overshadowing even that is rouge North Korea testing a Hydrogen bomb.

That repressive government which seems to have no respect or fear of the rest of the world represents a greater world danger than an aggressive Iran.

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