Tuesday, January 26, 2016


It seems that every time I sit down at the computer this weekend and Monday I fall asleep. Net result no blog. I will try to have a topic other than Candidate 2016 for tomorrow.

Next Monday is the Iowa caucus. In most districts the ultimate delegation allotment is proportional to the voting, not winner take all.

However a candidate must receive 15% of the vote or his delegates cannot be committed to him. This could impact on his chances of being a broker.

Monday night’s last Democrat debate was a Town Hall meeting with each candidate having equal time of about 35 minutes alone on the stage.

I found it to be the best format to understand the candidate and was very impressed with Sanders and O’Malley. Hillary too handled herself well and came across very effectively. The choice is going to be hard as far as the individual but there is a 180% different between Sanders and Clinton.

Too bad Bliden will not be there, he would have been my favorite. Of course if it looks like Sanders is going to go to the convention with a strong plurality of committed delegates we may still hear from Biden as the Party’s leader’s compromise.

Bloomberg has indicated that he may run as a third party-independent- candidate if Trump and Sanders are the nominee. Of all in the field he is the best possible President but not being on a Party ticket would make him no more than a spoiler.

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