Thursday, January 14, 2016


I customarily write my blog for the next day during the prior evening. At this time of the year there is no Met’s baseball interference, however selected college basketball games are my most favored sport All too often time fleets away because I am a slow one finger typist who never learned to spell, compounded by a bad habit of napping while at the post dinner keyboard.

In 2015/6 the Presidential candidate’s debates also take up many available hours.

All the above explains why all too often I do not post until near noon. However none of the above is my excuse to day.

Tonight, though, is another of the Republican Presidential debates. This time the number invited is only 7.

The Star Ledger’s continues to its persistent devotion to half of its news’ allotted pages to its Christie bashing campaign, including Moran’s comment in the first paragraph of his Wednesday’s column about “Christie’s failing presidential hope”.

Somebody seems to ignore the fact that after having been demoted to the junior varsity in December he is number 5 on this week’s lineup ahead of Bush and Kasich. Paul and Fiorina have been demoted to the second string. Indeed Paul is going to boycott

A Washington post article today states that: “Ted Cruz has reached top-rank popularity among Republicans and Chris Christie’s favorability rating is most improved in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, while Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush all have stumbled in the battle for GOP hearts and minds.” Some failure Mr. Moran.

What do I believe about this race 3 weeks before the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary?

I do not believe that Trump even though he may continue to lead in the polls will secure a majority of committed delegates by convention time. Rubio and Cruz may have the next larger block but will be nowhere near being a powerful factor, Carson will disappear.

The Republican leadership will not permit a demagogue Trump who has no stated plans except bluster that appeals to the lower educated masses to be their candidate. In this respect his appeal is much like that of Hitler in his earliest days and represents a potential danger to our democracy.

Therefor I believe that many of the fringe candidates will stay in the race and hope to have some political power in a brokered convention that may ultimately select either Christie if he survives “Bridgegate” or Kasich as their nominee.

The next five months may prover me wrong, but they will be interesting times.

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Next, the Democrat race.

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