Monday, January 18, 2016


We could use some of the heat that has been generated in the two recent Presidential debates since winter is at last hitting us with a bang.

According to the Washington Post all the pundits seem to think that Sanders won the debate. However I felt that it was a draw with Hillary having 50% of the time, Sanders 45%O; Malley 1% and the moderator the rest.

Once again health care was a subject with Sanders who believes that not only should college be free for everyone but health care is such an important right that it too should be provided by government to everyone.

He does admit that there would be a “slight increase” ion taxes and gives various formulas including an increase in inheritance taxes as the source of funding. He claims that it will save the people money because the providers especially the insurance companies will be cut out of the chain, and the doctors and hospitals etc., will be paid depending on how well they meet criteria. The criteria too often do not take into account demographics involved.

Since the aim is to reduce costs the criteria have to be autocratically determined to enable a lesser use by the patient. These cost saving actions now in effect have changed the manner in which health care is provided but also is creating a too often unconscionable delay to obtain that care. Today’s care is no longer patient oriented but dollar driven.

Perhaps in light of the time delays and overall poor care given by the government through the VA system Sanders believes that the programs should be administered by the individual States.

Can one imagine the bureaucracy that will be created; the number of patronage jobs, the rules and regulations that will have to be followed and the amount of funding that will go to all of this at health care's expense?

I grant that there is merit in some of Sanders’ proposals in the field of health care; it should be available to all But, as we know as it has become there has already been a deterioration in access, quality, and quantity which this generation has accepted as the norm. There has to be a better way than complete government control.

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  1. Any attempt to fix the problem of rising healthcare costs without first thoroughly understanding the reasons for the problem is doomed to make things worse.