Sunday, January 10, 2016


Monday night, the first Council meeting under the Presidency of Cory Storch should be the start of a new era according to Cory’s blog. Weather permitting; I am looking forward to attending this year’s Council meetings.

To open the meeting Cory has proposed a discussion topic on “conduct of meetings” which I presume will also reiterate the Council’s own Rules of Order with an explanation of the accepted but too often ignored adopted “Parliamentary Procedures”.

This is the first step in transforming the Council in to a truly representative legislative body not a Trumpian platform for individual egotism.

Cory wrote that no longer will some individuals get extra time to berate others while those that disagree with the majority were cut short. An equal opportunity Council will be a breath of fresh air, frigid as it is supposed to be that night

Equally important to the Council’s functioning is the ability of administration’s representatives to adequately answer questions from Councilors and also not resort to obfuscated explanations.

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  1. We have always had the best government that money could buy right here in Plainfield and Union County! Even people that start out of good character are eventually corrupted by the bad company they are keep!