Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I first ventured out Tuesday and again on Wednesday, The roads that I use were all clear to the black top with a few scattered exception by Wednesday.

However, many had places that were only wide enough for 2 ½ cars the reason being the snowed in parked cars that the plow had to avoid. Leland Ave in spots and North Plainfield Mountain Ave.

There was adequate warning about the storm and parking on the street could have been prohibited especially on main travel roads.

The other hazard of high pile embankments at street corner that completely obstructed the drivers view should have been eliminated by the second day using front end loaders. Again the Leland Ave. /Mountain Ave intersection on Wednesday was still a bad example of a hazard.

This also should apply to the exits from store parking lots and bank driveways where exiting blindly into the street is a great adventure.

While Plainfield could have been better on the whole Public Works did a good job. The announcements on the City Site could have been printed out instead of having to download and then open. That may have been a quirk of my computer.


  1. Unfortunate that common sense didn't result in moving cars off the street. Nixel and similar announcements only do so much. The twovroads you mentioned shouldn't have any cars parked during a blizzard. Other areas may be a different story, with multifamily housing and limited yard space for emergency parking.

  2. I would just like to add to my Frustration with the city. I received a message on my phone stating if Residents do not remove snow from the sidewalks they will receive a Fine. Here is my discuss. There are plenty off streets in the city that only one care can travel at a single time. Many of the streets prior to the Storm were two lanes. How can the city want to fine us home owners for not shoveling our sidewalks in adequate time. I understand the children who needs the walk ways for school but who is going to Fine the City for not clearing the Streets after a week has past. They push mounds of snow directly in the streets making it hard for drivers to navigate with other on coming traffic. We all knew the storm was coming and the potential amount of snow we would get. To say the city was prepared is laughable. Wether this reach any city officials or not, I needed to voice my feeling towards the message that was left for my wife and I. In addition to that, we continue to pay PAMU the Ridiculous amount of money for their lack of service. REALLY!!