Sunday, January 31, 2016


Today is the first day of February, the birth month of great people including me.

This month starts off with the Iowa Caucus which is known for its evangelistic tendencies the winner here does not have a lock on his Party’s nomination. It is unlikely but there might be some sanity in how those damn Republicans caucus.

Also at 7:30 pm the Council Agenda Fixing Session is supposed to start, and having already briefly commented on the Ordinances I will now turn to the Resolutions.

Resolution O is too accept bids on City owned property that was sold at auction last October, Missing from the info available to us on the internet is the list of properties and the winning bidders.

Resolution P authorizes purchase of equipment installation and consultant services from Netconnect of NY to complete the “migration from Verizon to Comcast. No explanation

why the change in provider.

Other resolutions deal with the transfer of title proper of Old South Ave to the developer, authorizing the Planning Board to Conduct an investigation to see if certain properties north of the Netherwood RR Station need for redevelopment. There is an Resolution for the same purpose but relating to the City block bordered by W.Front St. Central Ave. West Second St. and Madison Ave There are viable Front St. Stores and some on Madison Ave ,Plus a large number of apartments in that area.


  1. Happy Birthday Doc.

    1. Premature but thank you; a couple of weeks to go for #96