Thursday, January 28, 2016


Tonight is the last Republican Candidates’ debate on Fox News at 9 pm. Of interest will be Trump’s boycott and the possible impact it will have on his vote locally and in the national polls.

To better understand what is weird to us New Jersians id the Iowa caucus process. This explanation is through the internet, courtesy of Sabato

“One factor perhaps working in Trump’s favor is that the Republican caucus process is actually fairly straightforward. Republicans will gather across the state at caucus locations. After hearing speeches from the various campaigns, participants vote via secret ballot. The election night “winner” is the person who won the most votes statewide. This cycle, Iowa’s GOP delegates are allocated proportionally according to the statewide result, making the presidential preference vote binding for the first time. The Democratic caucuses are more complicated. Participants separate into groups supporting each candidate, and those candidates who fail to reach 15% of the participants in a given caucus location are deemed not viable (with a higher threshold in smaller precincts), meaning their supporters can go to other candidates. It’s a public event without a secret ballot. If there are “shy Trump” voters, Trump’s supporters in Iowa will have the benefit of casting their vote in secret.”

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