Thursday, October 1, 2015


At 7:59 am my daughter and son-in law left for their hurricane cruise. It is time to sit back and gather thoughts for a blog tomorrow and next week.

Meanwhile thanks to Bernice’s blogs I have some idea about what has been transpiring in OZ. Yes only in such a venue could such continuing unique political manipulations take place.

I would like to get some personal insight by watching the tapes of the September meetings including the Council public forum last Tuesday; but as of this hour the PCTV schedule list a showing of the August 11th Council meeting.

Why if 5 of the Council members made the Tuesday forum was the most outspoken member of the Council who has professed her interests with the people of Plainfield among the to who missed that meeting?

Oct. 5th is the next Agenda Setting Session. Supposedly Monday is going to be our Hurricane day. I wonder if the city or Rivers has a contingency date to have on record if the weather makes it dangerous for a meeting that day. Or perhaps the whole Council in its own transparency could hold their meeting via a conference phone.

There is supposedly three political factions in Plainfield; the old guard Green personal machine, The Mapp new Democrats, and the nonpolitical (for BOE purposes) Republican affiliated Campbell group.

A study of appointments and approved or disapproved projects shows that when there is political convenience the lines are blurred and often crossed. Or as Taylor says ‘Quid pro quo”. Yes we do know how to “play the game” for personal agendas not matter what the impact is on the City.

How can the Mapp administration after his years of attacking the PMUA and promising a cleaning up justify the appointment of Eric Watson as Director of Public w0rks etc.? How can the BOE dominated by Campbell who ran on a “transparency ticket years ago account for the unpublicized hiring of Dan Williamson, who was not only the Corporation Counsel through most of the Robinson-Briggs (Green protégé) Administration but then made CEO of PMUA after Watson resigned and was given an illegal golden parachute

The North Ave. fiasco with the selecting Yates Reality for a demolition, something that they had no experience, has never been explained or accounted for. How much that has cost the city to date also has never been made public.

No rational has yet been submitted for outsourcing planning. Nor has any justified explanation been given by Council members for turning down the South Ave. PILOT.

How can a supposedly impartial nonpolitical board that controls the biggest budget in the city have has a potential membership three from one family or even two?

These are off the cuff only a few things that seem to be the norm in OZ, but would not be tolerated in normal society.

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  1. Doc, the "irregularity" in the award of the North Avenue demolition project is conspicuous. Why, one might reasonably ask, has there not been an investigation? Here is my take. At first blush several Council members cried out for just that, an investigation. Why, because Mayor Mapp had orchestrated the event by appointing Eric Watson to manage it. In addition, the Mayor had failed to notify the Council in a timely manner of the associated unbudgeted cost. Mr. Storch and Ms. Williams opposed the investigation from the outset since it portended to criticize the Mapp administration. On reflection the Council members who cried out for disclosure retreated. Why? Because Mr. Watson was one of their own and they did not want to expose any misdeed's that might have been perpetrated. All this conjures up the old Abbot and Costello skit, "Who's on first?".
    The only thing certain is that the investigation that should have been will never be. Bill Kruse