Monday, October 5, 2015


At last the Sun!!! We have much to be thankful for, unlike those in South Carolina who have had 18inches of rain in in 24hrs during a week of rain in which they and those as far north as Virginia saw no sun.

On the other hand we who live in Oz have a brand of politics that the people in a normal community would not tolerate. Monday’s Council meeting along with the 6:30 pm Executive Session in which the subject of outsourcing the one of the very few well function administrative divisions will be “discussed”.

This proposed outsourcing should be an open public discussion, since the reason given is financial; it is not a personality issue or a contract that can by law be a matter for a closed meeting. Let sunshine bath Plainfield’s Administration, Council, and BOE

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  1. Don't see how a general, financial fits the list of exceptions to open public meetings unless it is discussion of a contract, which they don't have yet because they haven't opened bids.
    1. Any matter considered confidential by federal law, state statue,
    or court rule;
    2. Any matter in which the release of information would impair the
    receipt of federal funds;
    3. Any material which would constitute an unwarranted invasion
    of individual privacy if disclosed;
    4. Any collective bargaining agreements or other discussion of
    the terms and conditions of a collective bargaining agreement,
    including negotiations leading up to such an agreement.
    5. Any matter involving the purchase, lease or acquisition of real
    property with public funds, the setting of banking rates or
    investment of public funds where disclosure of such matter
    could adversely affect the public interest.
    6. Any tactics and techniques used in protecting the safety and
    property of the public and investigations of violations or possible
    violations of the law.
    7. Any pending or anticipated litigation or contract negotiations in
    which the public body is or may become a party, and any matter
    falling within the attorney-client privilege, to the extent that
    confidentiality is required to preserve the attorney-client
    8. Personnel matters related to the employment, appointment or
    termination of current or prospective employees, unless all
    individuals who could be adversely affected request, in writing,
    that the matter be discussed at a public meeting.
    9. Any deliberations of a public body occurring after a public
    hearing that may result in the imposition of a fine upon an
    individual or the suspension or the loss of license or permit
    belonging to an individual. The New Jersey courts have
    recognized the potential for misuse of the closed session
    exceptions by public bodies and have, therefore, strictly
    construed these exceptions in an effort to further the
    legislative intent of providing open public meetings in most