Friday, October 30, 2015


Three more days before elections. I can never remember a pre-election period that has been as free of mud-slinging as this one has been. Of course I seem to be out of the loop having already cast my absentee ballot.

Cook School while not completely handicap unfriendly due to a ramp at the far end of the school from the polling booths, is not ideal for those who have walking difficulties. Thus the use of an absentee ballot and the hope that it will not be lost in the US mail.

I am amused by JG’s quote in today’s TAP into PLAINFIELD” “I’m a FULL-TIME politician, who dedicates 60 hours a week and earns a salary of $49,000 a year. In addition, I’m the chairman of the Union County Democratic Committee, where I do not receive a pay from the County. I mention this because I believe in transparency. Over the years, I have been accused of running the City of Plainfield. However, all I have done is supported Democrats at a state, county, and local levels, no different than my opponent who supported Governor Chris Christie and other right wing candidates. My job is to make sure that we vote for what’s good for the people of the State of New Jersey.”

We should feel sorry for this man whose earnings are just above poverty level. Like all politicians his words are at best half-truths that ignore realities of facts.

Dan Damon and the Mayor are right in questioning the legality of non-Republican (a dirty word) Independent John Campbell (Jr.) using school system property for a political event.

Obviously the BOE chaired by his mother and with his father also as a member had to approve the use. That no permission for such an event was sought from the city could be accounted for the fact that the BOE considers this to be a personal "private public property” not controlled by the city. Also no use of the streets is being requested.

Too bad the Mayor ala JG in his public letter accuses our Republican Governor of being a close associate of Campbell. Those dastardly Republicans.

I only wish that CC in his role as Federal District Attorney and now as Governor had paid some attention to Plainfield. Perhaps the rape of our Health Care system would not have taken place.

Since too many years in office tends to breed abuse of that power I would hope that the electorate give careful consideration as to the quality of all candidates and where even a Republican in this County or Assembly District offers the promise of a quality leadership not tainted by political baggage that person should receive their vote.

Another subject; I hope all have read the comments to Bernice’s “Withdrawn Post”. I would especially call attention to Robin’s commentary.

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  1. Green fails to mention the windfall ($745,000.00) he received from the Union County Improvement Authority for his properties on St. George Avenue in Linden.