Wednesday, October 14, 2015


As anticipated, Patti and Bob along with Slapshot arrived close to 6pm. By the time they could get settled after their 8.5 hr. drive and we could finish dinner it was too late to attempt to go and find accessible parking near to the Courthouse/Police Station. There for I did settle for what turned out to be the best alternative; taping the Mets game and watching the Democrat’s Debate?

But first some comments about the Council meeting from information I have received from some who attended the meeting. I do hope that PCTV will show the tape pronto and I can get the info from an up to date schedule on the City site.

I do have to hear or read the Mayors explanation why they were reconsidering their plan to outsource the Planning Division. It had been so obvious that there was no honest basis to the statistics and reasoning the Watson and Smiley had used for their proposal. We may never know the truth behind this obscenity but it certainly was not based on efficiency and cost savings.

I have heard but cannot certify that the other resolution that I considered to be an abomination, the unwarranted Payment to Yates because “of a fear of legal action” was tabled by the Council. According to Dan's blog the Administration asked to withdraw this resolution. Once a resolution is on the agenda it belongs to the Council and the author can not withdraw it but can request the Council to table it.

That makes two issues that Oz’s governance has reacted to public indignation and forgoed the respective bodies self-interests.

Briefly a few comments about the “Debate”, a more detail impression may follow after I have read the pundits columns. However I will says that it was much more interesting that the Republican to date so called debates. Also I think that Biden will now decide not to run. That I s too bad.

There were only 5 candidates on the podium; Hillary in the middle, Sanders on her right, O’Malley to her left. The two; outliers Webb next to Sanders and Chaffe on the other wing were not only mostly ignored by Anderson  Cooper the Moderator but also seemed not to be at ease.

Webb did make some of the best and most sensible comments on the various subjects when he had the rare opportunity to speak. However his delivery was poor and not forceful enough to help his cause. Otherwise I might have considered him be worthwhile.

Hillary and Sanders dominated the floor; not only been given more than their allotted time to answer or make a speech about a question but frequently interjected into the commentary

Hillary was polished and slick but Sanders much more forceful. If only he were not bent on giving away the farm.

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