Saturday, October 3, 2015

ADDENDUM: Gun Control

My opinion for a basic Federal law would be the requirement for (a) valid identification,(b) data base search for (1) criminal record including youth violent crimes which are not now open documents,(2) medical records for psychiatric treatment ; since medical records are supposed to be private unfortunately all physicians and other health provider must be required to report to a “secured?” sight any individual they feel is potentially dangerous to others, (3) all States must keep such fi les and be available to other States.

(b) Limit on number of hand guns and hunting/target weapons to a maximum of 1 hand gun and 3 other weapons,(2) limit on total weapons in a “household, (3) complete ban on assault type weapons (4 ) limit on size of “clips”

(c) Annual or up to every third year license for every weapon. (2) Report of all sales private or commercial.

(d) Mandatory penalties for violations or illegal possession.

(e) Each State should be required to have their own law which may be more severe than the Federal law including procedures and restrictions.

Note the Federal law does not violate the 2nd Amendment as long as there is no blanket prohibition and a statement that it is in conformity with the 2nd Amendment.

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  1. There is not one gun law either on the books or proposed that would have stopped any of the mass shootings.