Monday, October 26, 2015


Monday went down the tubes due to a lack of sleep Sunday night because of pain in the rib muscles on the right. This morning I have a slight degree of laryngitis; obviously some type of a mild virus.

However writing is not affected except I have not found enough interest among readers in world affairs and/or health care delivery. That coupled with a week away from the computer has not been stimulating.

This week the evenings will be Television oriented with the start of the World Series on Tuesday and the interruption of the next Republican debate on Wednesday.

Isn’t it weird that not only is profession baseball still being played and we are already three fifths through the football season, but hockey is in full swing and basketball starts this week? What ever happened to the four season’s sports year?

I did finally see part of the Oct.13 Council meeting. It is with mixed feelings to learn that Jim’s musical entertainment may be a thing of the past since he is moving to Cranford and I suspect one of the new apartment developments which our astute Council feels are not needed in Plainfield.

Local elections are a week away and I have received only two pieces of self-congratulatory mail from JG’s campaign and none from any other Candidates. Whether it is due to the fact that I have already mailed my absentee ballot since Cook School is not truly handicap friendly; or that those running feel I am a lost cause is a question. This extremely quiet local election seems to be abnormal.

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