Thursday, October 29, 2015


Once again it is going to be “wait until next year”. And I missed the so called debate for that blow out. Great pitching is supposed to beat great hitting, but KC does not believe that is true.

As to the so called “Debate”. I only saw the first 30 minutes on a rerun last night so I will defer my opine comments until I have a chance to watch the tape today.

After the first three to date my impression is that these so called debates are the cable channels answer to network reality shows such as Survivor or New Jersey Housewives. The interest of the moderators is (a) show how important they are,(b) highlight the most attention getting candidates, (c)ignore fundamental questions, (d) avoid having all the candidates answer the same question,(e) control candidates sticking to answers to the question and permitting their favorites to say their propaganda instead. (f) The wing people get no true time; Christie for example had 6 minutes total out of the 90 in the debate. That at best was just 2/3rds of the time each one should have had.

Christie would not have had even anywhere near that amount of time except when once he interrupted to object to a stupid question that had to do with Fantasy Football” and stated that the questions should do with the “issues”. The other time when answering a question the moderator started talking over him.

The Washington Post thought that Christie made the most of his brief time and the Mulshein Ledger agreed. However Mulshein starting on the front page and a full early inside page about a friend who shot three bears that were threatening his home and was being prosecuted by the State Fish and Wildlife agency for hunting out of season, having a weapon etc. , found space at the start of his column to quote” And now he is being prosecuted by the administration of a certain governor who has been running around New Hampshire and Iowa telling gun owners he is on their side”.

Give me a break these agents are probably ‘civil service” following rules and exercising the powers delegated to them by The State Legislature which has been under Democrat control for eons. What is the relationship with Christie but just one man’s paranoia?

I plan to spend the first part of this afternoon watching the debate”

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