Monday, October 12, 2015


One gorgeous Columbus Day Monday; perhaps the last one as we get into mid-October. One great 1:45 minutes ending Sunday night’s Giant football game. High anticipation for an interesting Mets/Dodgers baseball game Monday night; will there be retaliation for Saturday night’s incident?

Speaking of dirty playing, here we are two weeks before election and as of yet there has been none of JG’s usual mud-slinging. In fact there has been a scarcity of any election material to this address. Has the world changed?

Of course not; Iran tested a new long range missile one hour before its Parliament confirmed the agreement terms. Technically not a violation but morally one.

There has also been continued Iranian talk that no one will interfere with its military Once again we will learn that it is a mistake to do any “Munich” with those bent on aggressive adventures.

Tuesday night will be one for conflict for this writer. There is of course the Council meeting where the “action” may give a clearer indication about the “governance” true interest I the public welfare. Any bets on the Planning Division resolution, or the Yates payment?

What may be the final game in the Mets/Dodgers series will be played that night? Finally the first Democrat Candidates’ Debate will take place Tuesday night. Will Hilary be questioned on the emails? How will Sanders come across? There are a couple of others running but the main attraction, will he or will he not run Biden most likely will be absent.

Complicating, but happily, my decision as to what priority I should have which is most likely the Council since the other two can be “taped” to view at leisure is the fact that my daughter and son-in-law will be arriving from Virginia about dinner time to stay for a few days.

By time they are settled and we have dined in may be too late for me to go and find the needed close parking place that my infirmities require. At least we can count on Bernice to be there.

Family affairs may impact on my blogging this week; but please check.


  1. I bet many people in government have used private emails for government business when it would have been prudent if they did not. This has become very political as the Benghazi investigation has. The Republicans can't even get their people together with the Hitler youth wanting to take the party over and less radical Republicans having to fight to get anything done. I can't believe we pay people, very well, for this.

  2. Enjoy the family visit. You are lucky to have them.

    1. Thanks Mike , you bet I am; 4 active(?) generations is a blessing.