Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Woke up Tuesday morning speechless or more properly voiceless due to a severe painless laryngitis this is of course disheartening to one who likes to talk. Messaging is not one of my skills since I never learned touch typing and my fingers ate too klutzy for a cell phone keyboard.

That corner of Ninth St and Arlington has always been a potential accident site. A four way stop if adhered to would help, but attentive plus defensive driving is the real answer. Too many Jersey drivers are aggressive and flaunt the rules of the road if they have the slightest idea what they are.

Tonight it is GO METS night plus the start of the NBA season. I do not like pro basketball but the college game can be great.

Tomorrow night the Trump circus will be in competition with the second game. That debate can be taped and watched Wednesday morning for commentary that is the plan.

The Ledger Sunday in addition to its Anti Christie paranoia did a worthwhile “time line” on the Donald. It is repeat with entrepreneurial adventures and bankruptcies from which Trump had extrapolated his gold and left others holding the bag. There are also many grandiose planned projects that never ever were started much less completed. All Trump lovers should read and weep.

Trump is clamming his drop in the Iowa polls is meaningless as just the results of one run by a vindictive unimportant newspaper and by a pollster who has it in for him. He is right that too much attention is paid to poll results which can be manipulated to produce certain responses. It can be a variation of the old answer Yes or No to “Have you stopped beating your wife”: question.

Today’s WSJ has a long in depth review of Fiorina’s CEO ship at HP. Revealing and informative.

For the Republicans there is at present a question if there will be any viable candidate who has mass appeal. Nobody has yet demonstrated that quality.

At present money rules and the Democrats are giving us only a choice between a bad untrustworthy candidate and a demagogue.

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