Thursday, October 1, 2015


I accidentally ran across this reference to a Dan Roberts  column. I am only posting it be cause I  as a  WWII veteran think it is funny and not to poke fun at Hillary.

Among the many emails that Hillary has released  there is this clasic one of ignorance of WWII slang. Check the link  by clicking on the  top line and read some of the comments. .

"Hillary Clinton asking her staff to translate some choice diplomatic language in the latest email release

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  1. So funny you should mention this word. My father used to use it but lost from my lexicon years ago. I heard it again on NCIS when Gibbs explains a SNAFU is between a goat rope and a fubar in a recent episode. A week or so later I was driving down in Freehold when an SUV with the vanity licence plate reading FUBAR cut me off! Than to find it again in your blog today! Ha! Funny thing about funny things.
    I am going to use it more often from now on Thanks!