Thursday, October 29, 2015


I finally had a chance to view the tape of the Debate. Most columnists believe that Rubio and Cruz were the best and some also praised Chrisite.

Almost all feel that Bush again blew it. Trump also seems to have lost his luster. On looks alone; an angry unhappy man, he will lose more ground. That is good since the last thing we need is the possibility of a Trump presidency.

Fiorina did not hurt herself but got few Brownie points. Carson used only 8.4% of the time just above Christie’s last place 8.1%. Chris tie was being ignored by the panelists and only by jumping in did he receive any time.

The biggest time users were Rubio-15.8% of the allotted time. Hat is almost twice as much as Christie used. Trump was next with 11.1% of speaking time; most of it in the first hour of the debate.

Hasich with 9.8 % time usage made some good points but overall the quality was below the others. None the less he may be there at the end as a good old boy option.

As I noted these debates are more for the economic benefit of the Cable Channel sponsoring that particular session than to educate and give the public a viable choice. The party also benefits by the “sale “of its participation.

If there would to be a true “debate” and exposure of all the 10 candidates I would suggest that the 90 minutes for the debates be limited to three pertinent political questions and all the 10 have time to respond.

Two or three such format debates would be enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. Will his happen? Heck no, the show must go on.

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