Thursday, October 22, 2015


Wow! Even this dedicated couch potato finds it astounding that the Mets, a team that was barely at the .500 level in early July, swept the powerful Cubs to become the National League champions.

Isn’t it amazing that after a week away from the keyboard that it is difficult to start writing again for a blog? I have found that to be partially true not because of a lack of subject matter but rather the motivation to concentrate on one.

With that in mind after reading about the upcoming  local farcical election for the BOE and then on Wednesday about the fuss over the PARCC test scores; I was going to write about the perceived state of our education systems, local and national; or the status of local politics.

But, while I was trying to formulate my ‘message” along came the announcement that Biden was not going to run.

What horrible choices are we are left with when the best possible candidate from either party decided that he did not want the stress of the next Presidency?

On the Democrat side we have Hillary whose history is one of deceit, self-opportunisms and distain for the laws of the land. Or we could select Sanders whose socialism would give away the farm and end up with a bankrupt weaken nation.

Of the other three at the Democrat Debate; Webb has withdrawn but is leaving open a possibility of an “Independent Candidacy”. The other two you can forget about.

But the Republicans are offering a P.T. Barnum con artist in Trump. Yes it may be true that he never went bankrupt, but many of his business did. Since they were all separated LCC corporations he did not lose a cent so he can without contradiction claim to be a successful business man.

The other leading Republican in the polls is Carson, who may have been a successful brain surgeon, but where is his expertise in managing a big organization?

And then there is Carly Fiorina who despite her assertions as a most successful CEO of HP left that company in dire financial shape because she failed to anticipate the change from PCs to smart phones and tablets. Her only other political venture was a failed race in California for the US Senate.

Despite the continued Ledger vendetta of daily numerous negative articles; Christie is still one of the panelists on the next Republican debate on Oct. 28, At times it seems that the paper is reaching to find something critical.

Rubio who may be too young age wise and politically is gaining ground to become a true factor. Meanwhile Jeb Bush is fading in the polls. But should not be counted out.

We must remember that it is still 9 months before the major party conventions. Perhaps we can take encouragement from the Mets example and there will be a different standing in both parties when it is Convention Time. A Kasich might sneak in.


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    1. Hi Dr. Yood, my comment from early this morning disappeared due to my lack of technical expertise! I love the P.T Barnum con artist reference in connection with Donald Trump!