Saturday, March 5, 2016


 I downloaded Monday night’s agenda late last night. Instead of posting a blog this morning I attended Saturday’s Joint Special meeting of the Planning Board, Zoning Board, Historic Preservation Commission, and the Shade Tree Commission.

This well run informal meeting by Planning Board Chairman Ron Scott Bey was not only informative but without the histrionics that mark the Council meetings. Once again Gloria Taylor was conspicuous by her absence. Rebecca Williams was the only Councilor I noticed there. That is regrettable since subjects discussed were redevelopment, the Muhlenberg Campus and above all the lack of Code enforcement.

It was noted that much of the problem in Code violations comes from lack of knowledge by property owners, renters and merchants. There was discussion on how to pass on such information in order that people do not create violations either because there has been no enforcement of the code in the past or just plain ignorance.

Bill Niersted gave a broad update on the various projects on the table and Assistant City Administrator, Director of Economic Development gave an in-depth report on the problems and progress in the redevelopment of the Muhlenberg campus. He noted that an RFP should be going out in the next week or two.

This Saturday is the last regular college basketball day prior to the start of March Madness. The ACC has three important games on tap. Thus it will be later Sunday before I can comment on Monday’s agenda.

Three cartoons for your enjoyment

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  1. Great cartoons. I teach a college class Sat. mornings this semester, so I appreciate your update on the meeting.