Thursday, March 17, 2016


Tuesday March 22 the Mayor has called for a Special Meeting to discuss the “State of the Police Division” Although the notice as printed on the Internet5 does not state a “Council meeting” it may be inferred by stating action m ay take place. The Council is the only body that has that power of legislation.

Plainfield’s Police Division represents the ethnic division of the city in 5that 55% of its members are African-American. However the other two “ethnic” groups are inverse in proportion to the city population; 36% Caucasian and 9% Latinos.

Although it seems that there is deficient Latino representation that does not seem to be the present problem if one takes into account the public outcry at the March Council Meetings

The Divisiveness appears to have a political basis with the complaints coming with the support of former Mayor Robinson-Briggs against Mayor Mapp’s Administration. 

Perhaps the seeds for the present problems occurred early in Robinson-Briggs watch when the position of Chief of Police was abolished by the Council. The rumor being that Chief Santiago refused to publicly support Jerry Green in his bid for reelection to the Assembly.

Also Robinson-Briggs had police officers assigned to her as bodyguards, something that had no precedent and reduced the number available. Additional political influence occurred when the then Dir3etor of Public Safety received only a slap on the wrist after an incident for which policemen had been suspended or fined. Let us not forget the episode when certain officers were reduced in rank while another was promoted.

I believe that the position of Police Chief appointed through use of the State testing must be reinstated PDQ.

I will not attend the handicap parking unfriendly meeting at the Senior Citizens Center. Certainly if the Court House is unavailable or too small there are better location in the city for which we taxpayers made possible. Politics Yes.



  1. Thanks, Doc. I think that Plainfield does need a Police Chief to better run the Police Department. Robinson-Briggs played favorites and did whatever Jerry wanted, so many things happened during her tenure as Mayor that she should be jailed for. If it wasn't for Jerry getting her and others jobs they would still be jobless. At least we have some transparency now and issues are dealt with and not ignored. Thanks again for your reporting in this messy situation.

    1. The pd doesn't appear to be poorly run now, so how would a chief lead to it being better run?