Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Carlos N. Sanchez, Deputy City Administrator for Economic Development reported on the status of the Muhlenberg Campus redevelopment. He noted that although there had been a consultant used in 2014 for the need and possible redevelopment uses of the property a new Consultant will determine the best possible “medical oriented use and a RFP will be going out shortly for developers.

Sanchez stated that there have been frequent and friendly talks with JFK who owns the land. He also acknowledged that the remote possible use as a new municipal services center would be considered.

During the commentary on the “sick leave ordinance, Jeff Dunn said that its provisions may result in JFK abandoning its satellite ER. Nancy Piwowar suggested that the Ordinance’s 2nd reading be tabled until affirmation of JFK’s intention to stay was obtained.

The sick leave ordinance received support from out of town state wide organizations including the AARP. It has been noted that Plainfield will be the 12th municipality in the state to enact such ban ordinance.

My opinion is that from a humanitarian view point this is a needed action, but it should be enacted by the State Legislature. Although there it was alledg3ed that there were several potential bills entered in both houses there has been no movement and apparently no forceful lobbying by the powers that should be.

Since the Planning Division has only 3 ½ full time individuals a resolution approving a contract of up to 60K to the Nishuane group for professional planning services will be on Monday’s agenda.

Bill Nierstedt explained that the work load for the number of approved and planned development projects places a burden on the present staff and at risk is some 2 million grants for Brownfield projects need to make vacant properties available for redevelopment.

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