Monday, March 28, 2016


Sad weekend for #1s. Enough said.

The GOP campaigns have reached a new low with rumors of sex scandals involving Cruz. Whether these originated from the Trump group or the Rubio disappointed supporters is a question. The Rubio group were rumored to be behind a similar plot against5 the governor of Florida when Rubio was running for the Senate. Anything is possible.

Sanders swept the three Democrat caucuses this weekend by large majorities of near 70%. Although the chances of him catching or even passing Hillary by convention time is very remote, he will put a scare into the Clinton camp and the party leaders themselves as to the November election. Polls have shown that Sanders would crush Trump but Clinton’s lead is slightly over 10 points and some feel that many of the whites who support Sanders could vote for Trump.

As I have noted, no matter who runs on both parties we are going to be faced with having to vote for someone we do not want.

In that respect in response to the recent use of the word “ratf*******” in the Trump/Cruz dialogs the Huffington Post blog wrote;” warning — avert your eyes if you are easily offended): “ratfucking.” Originally the term had nothing to do with rodents, as the “rat” was short for “rations” — it was a military term to describe soldiers who would comb though the rations packages and steal all the good stuff while leaving the less-tasty stuff behind for everyone else. But a rat is a rat, in the world of politics. And here is where we find ourselves, in the historic (or perhaps “infamous” will be more popular for future historians) election season of 2016. Call it the pest-control election, and you won’t be far from the reality”

I was hoping that more readers would comment on my blog about Terrorism and the followup blog on Saturday. How we respond will affect our lives as a nation. Our reactions will also play a significant part in this year’s election. Comments should be  directed to this blog.

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