Saturday, March 19, 2016


This is truly the year of March Madness, The term which referred to the NCAA Basketball tournament has lived up to its name on its first two days, So many odds on favorites have fallen that according to all reports no one in the major fan groups has a perfect bracket left.

Nationally in the field of politics the Republicans are acting like chickens without heads. Once again irrational political positions by Republican Senators will help defeat many running for reelection, and the House is again up for its biannual reformation.

Both parties have “tainted” front runners for their nomination as President. Both parties have candidates whose presence reflects the disenchantment with Washington by a significant number of voters, mostly young.

Clinton may face an FBI led hearing and Trump likely will end up in Court facing fraud charges about his defunct Trump University. At the same time there is legitimate questions about Cruz’s birthright citizenship. The Constitution’s references seem only to clarify status when the nation was formed. There is no amendments or laws passed that refer to right of citizenship to children born outside the country unless the parent was in the military or diplomatic forces stationed out of the country.

Trump is indirectly threatening to be the source of riots if there is a brokered convention which does not chose him.

To quote an USA editorial; “Clinton’s biggest edge this year might turn out to be who she isn’t — Donald Trump or Ted Cruz — rather than who she is.’

Locally the Mayor has called for a Special Meeting Monday in which a

Since I am most interested in the Police Division’s status. If that meeting was to be held at the Courthouse room which is probably too small or in any of the large school auditoriums I would attend. However, the few times that I have tried to go to a meeting at the Senior Center I have been unable to find acceptable available handicap parking.

A commitment would have prevented me from posting my blog for perhaps a week after this Tuesday. The unavailability of a key participant has postponed this event until mid-April.

A resolution may be passed supporting the Police Division. Unfortunately the notice does not mention the Council which is the only municipal body that can pass policy resolutions.

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