Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Respect is either a noun or a verb depending on how it is being used. As a noun it is defined as “admiration felt or shown for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities :”( Cambridge English Dictionary); “a feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important, etc.” (Merriam-Webster)”

When used as a verb” to feel or show admiration for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities (CED),” to feel admiration for (someone or something): to regard (someone or something) as being worthy of admiration because of good qualities (MWD).

Last night at the Special Council Meeting called by the Mayor as a result of the councilors vote questioning the fairness of and justice of the Police Division; both Councilors Taylor and Tolliver expressed their “utmost” “respect for the Police Department and the Director of Public Safety, Riley.

However when it came time to vote on a Resolution Taylor went into a long discussion objecting to the wording of a Whereas: “after reviewing the information that the investigation and subsequent disciplinary action were handled in a fair & objective manner according to applicable laws” voted against a Resolution in support of the Police Division. She also inferred that she felt that the Division had acted improperly against Lt. Reid and was not receptive to the public.

Tolliver after objecting to the same paragraph abstained in the vote which in effect defeated the Resolution. There were only 3 votes for it and Rivers and Brown failed to be present. A simple majority of the Council, 4 votes were needed to pass the resolution.

The Council vote came after a 2 hour admirably produced and presented by the officers of the Police Division which went into depth describing the workings and goals of the Division including its use of the newest technology; its methodology of handling complaints as well as , the ethnic makeup of the Division which as I noted on March 17 “
Plainfield’s Police Division represents the ethnic division of the city in that 55% of its members are African-American. However the other two “ethnic” groups are inverse in proportion to the city population; 36% Caucasian and 9% Latinos’

Director Riley remarked that the latest class of cadets had a high proportion of Latinos as part of the process of correcting the ethnic defect.

For a complete review of the Police Division’s presentation please read Bernice’s today’s =Plaintalker II blog which is filled with excellent photos of the presentation slides. It is obvious that in Director Riley’s two years tremendous progress has been made3 in converting our Police into one of the best in the state.

During the Public commentary prior to the Council vote there were again many speakers protesting the sanctions placed on Lt. Reid. They include his son and daughter, the ministers of the Plainfield and New Brunswick Mt. Zion churches, and Little Red Riding hood, aka former Mayor Robinson-Briggs complete with her basket off candies...

The Director of the United Youth Councils (?) stated that he was investigating the charges against the Plainfield Police and expected to have a report in two weeks.

Mayor Mapp noted that despite the alleged charges of racial discrimination there were 5 officers involved in the departmental disciplinary action; three were white!. There has been no complaint raised about or by the other four. 

I thank AG for offering to take me to this meeting ,otherwise I could not have attended.

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