Sunday, March 6, 2016


The “Sick leave” Ordinance is one of four up for second reading. I for one feel that this well intentioned ordinance is not in the best interests of the local community. The impact on small business has not been well thought out, nor the potential impact on their employees. Non-profits are also subject to the provisions of this ordinance.

I am posting some pertinent portions of the Ordinance

"Employee" is as defined in N.J.S.A. 34:11-56a1(h) who works in Plainfield for at least 80 hours in a year except that "Employee" for purposes of this Ordinance does not include any person employed by any governmental entity or instrumentality including any New Jersey school district or Board of Education or (b) any person who is a member of a construction union and is covered by a collective bargaining agreement negotiated by that union.

(5) "Employer" is as defined in N.J.S.A. 34:11-56a1(g) except that Employer does not include (a) the United States government; (b) the State or its political subdivisions or any office, department, agency, authority, institution, association, society or any instrumentality of the State including the legislature or judiciary; or (c) Plainfield.

(1) With respect to Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement in effect at the time of the effective date of this Ordinance, no provision of this Ordinance shall apply until the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement; however, if the terms of an expired collective bargaining agreement provide paid sick leave that is more generous than provided by this Ordinance, those terms of the expired collective bargaining agreement apply to the extent required by law.

Once again this is an action that should be in the province of State Law not local municipalities especially one that cannot create a negative atmosphere for small enterprises.

The other three Ordinances for second reading deal with the Sou5th Second Street needed redevelopment

The 2016 executive budget is up for introduction. The Councilors will have had time to study it before action. If accepted I believe that it then goes to the State for approval.

There is a resolution awarding a contract to Pennoni Associates of 90K for consulting engineering services. In other words the City Engineer. The contract calls for 8 hours a week services. Undoubtedly there will be additional resolutions during the year for specific projects. Once again would be better off will the full time Engineer rather than outsourcing?

There is a resolution increasing the 38,200.00 authorized to the Yanuzzi Group for completing the demolition of 117-25 North Ave to $114,000.00. This is in addition to the monies paid to Yates. How much has this supposedly improperly “emergency contract” actual cost the city to date including legal fees and compensations? How much more is our liability?

With schedule presentations and discussions this should be an informative meeting.


  1. I am a supporter of this administration, but I agree with you on this one Doc. Well intentioned with too many negative outcomes for bringing businesses into Plainfield.

  2. What happened to the proposed TV commercial to bring businesses to Plainfield? Maybe they can include this Ordinance to show how great a move would be. The slogan could be: "Plainfield, We Know How to Spend Your Money."

    1. It was briefly mentioned Saturday morning along with the fact that a second commercial is in the works. When or where shown not reported.

    2. I believe the details of the commercial was outlined in the Mayors weekly newsletter that was sent on Friday.

      Robin B.

  3. Maybe they need to determine which idiomatic dialect of Central American Spanish needs to be used. I am in no way trying to appear xenophobic given my racial and cultural mix, but if you walk downtown, a majority of commercial enterprises are hispanc and the English language, which used to once unite us as a country is hard to come by.

    1. You may not be trying, but are doing a good job at appearing xenophobic. The US has always been an immigrant country, and cities have always had neighborhoods in which new waves of immigrants have settled opened up shops, often using their native languages for advertising. Check out this youtube clip of a variety of ethnic neighborhoods in NYC in the early 20th century showing shop signs in Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, etc.
      The Hispanics have brought a new vibrancy to downtown Plainfield that had pretty much been written off by most of the English-speaking Plainfielders. Sneering at them does nothing to unite the country.

    2. This is what is wrong with zealots! I am talking Apples and you are talking Oranges.