Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Too nasty to attend the Council meeting if having to get walker out of car trunk in rain and later put it back. Since by second hand information everything went as expected I missed nothing important.

Brown’s abstention on a vote for appointment to the PMUA Commission is understandable and reasonably ethical. However the public deserves an explanation from Councilors on why they cast a negative vote` or abstain, which is effectively a negative vote.

Today, Tuesday is the BIG primaries. For the Republicans Ohio and Florida will decide the status of Kasich and Rubio. It is most li8kely that Rubio will suffer a major defeat in Florida and will exit the race. Kasich can carry Ohio and if he does he will stay in until the convention with the hope of being the “brokered choice”.

Since he is the least of all evils we hope so. Even if Trump sweeps all today he is still not assured of a majority of delegates at the convention since most states apportion their delegates.

Today’s political cartoons:

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