Wednesday, March 16, 2016


And now there are three. With the Ides of March, March Madness continues not only in the college basketball world, but in the world of Republican politics.

Rubio retired from the nomination race in which he had misplayed his hand too many times. Cruz the only other with a delegate chance has alienated too many of the Republican elite and his extreme evangelism will not appeal to the majority of voters.

Trump has decided to skip the next “debate” and address a meeting of the Jewish-American Israel Action Committee. Although still far in the lead for delegates he needs to win at least 50% of the remaining delegates.

There are several big dates ahead; March 22 with Arizona’s 55 and Utah’s 40, April 5 Wisconsin’s 42, April 19 New York’s 95,April 26, Pa’s 71,May 3Indiana’s 57,May 24 Washington’s 44 and at last June & when California’s 172 is up for grabs along with New Jersey’s 51.

June 7 is also the day we can elect the local Democrat ticket which will guarantee who gets the 2 Council seats in November.

The other portion of March Madness, the NCAA tournament will be in full swing through the next three weeks. Twill not be boring.

Nor will the Plainfield Police situation so much to write about upcoming.

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