Thursday, August 27, 2015


What not who are we left with? Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, Bush, Walker, and TRUMP.

Both Cruz and Walker are trying to corral the evangelistic right wing of the party, many of whom have fallen in love with the Donald who certainly with his multiple marriages does not appear to be the ideal proponent of the sanctity of marriage.

Although both Cruz and Walker may do well in the Bible belt their avowed ultra-strict religious bent will not fly nationwide.

Walker has been the darling of the extreme right press as a “born-again” and as a union buster. However his popularity has been waning and scrutiny of his Wisconsin governorship has not justified his claims of progressive governance. After losing a showdown with Trump at the “debate” Walker first embraced the position of denying children of illegals citizenship appearing to be ignorant of the 14th amendment which grants it. A week later he reversed himself this is not the first time his position has changed when the wind blew differently. Yes once a politician always a politician...

Cruz recently waffled when asked by the infamous Megyn Kelly about denying citizenship to children of illegals. He would have Congress pass a law defining “jurisdiction” Or perhaps an amendment rewriting the 14th which he finally acknowledged existed. He has been trying to over trump Trump.

Rubio is young and is up and coming but his ethnicity which is his strong point will work against him. None the less; I do look for him to be around for the long haul.

Wednesday was too nice to spend the time writing a blog. That still leaves three for tomorrow or perhaps I should say two and an aberration.

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  1. The 14th Amendment was to protect the children of former slaves, not to protect the children of illegal immigrants (of any sort). It needs to be repealed promptly.