Saturday, August 15, 2015


It is the Ordinance vacating the portion of Old South Ave that remained on the agenda due to the fact that public hearing had been  advertised, not the Motor Manager. Council has stated that they would table it.

Rather than doing so, the Council should reconsider the PILOT Ordinance unless their is legitimate questions about its terms which they might have read since Monday. The BS about not having been informed or not being in the loop in the negotiations only makes those Council members look foolish and/or stupid. It is time that this Council should do its fiduciary charge and work for the betterment  of Plainfield, not play party politics.

90000.00 more dollars in four  resolutions for ' Litigation Counsels" has been added. What is our legal budget, and costs for lawyers and paid claims this year and actual in 2014?

The transfer of the Dudley House lease has too many pages as attachments to study at this time. Unfortunately it is presented  sideways and I will have to rotate the pages after downloading to review.  I do not think that I will be able to go to the Library in time to review the  material. 

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  1. Good point, Doc. Many of us don't buy the stance that some of these councilors were "blind sided." Only their inattention and purposful ignorance can cause their remarks. I wonder if people like Taylor or Rivers even know that their constitutents aren't buying much of what they say and can't wait until the City Committee puts other people up to run for their Council seats. I've talked to dozens who can't wait until they are gone.