Sunday, August 16, 2015


With the passing of Julian Bond at too young an age the world and this country has lost a truly remarkable man and leader in  racial relation' We all mourn this man of substance.

It is too bad that he or Colin Powell was not the first African-American President. The road would be smoother for the next one.

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  1. Amen Julian Bond RIP

    You may be right about Colin Powell. Democrats would not have stood up on day one and promised to work every waking moment to get rid of him as they have our current President. Democrats would have worked with this man as any other president ergo: we would not have had 8 years of Republican rhetoric..and to much Dr. Seuss read to us from the floor of congress and so many blocades against everything and anything just to disparage a good man's reputation. Colin would have been great-But I don't think he would have been the man you thought he would be, by time Bush had done with him his view of the real world changed. He was a very different man when he realized he was a pawn: lied to and convinced to tell untruths to the country and the world. He was Nieve and manipulated, that's who I want as the leader of the free world.
    He would have made a great president, just like the current one, but republicans didn't want a black man as president let alone as the head of their organization- they still don't they never will-
    Powell was a titular queen with a brain and that could not be tolerated- shamefully - so he bowed out gracefully placing all of the blame for not running on his lovely wife and family- Yes indeed he would have been great for America.