Thursday, August 20, 2015


The “heat wave” has been broken and the temperature will not hit 90 again today.

On Monday a record that had stood since 1944 was broken. I had to reflect where I was then and why I did not remember such a hot day. Also how did we survive then without air-conditioning.?

Of course we did have in the late 30s the “refrigerated” Liberty Theater as a refuge. Perhaps our air-conditioning has made us less able to tolerate hot muggy days.

As to where I was 71 years ago Aug 17; I was still at Camp Forest, Tullahoma Tenn. and 71 years ago today I was aboard the USS Wakefield out of Boston Harbor on the way to Great Britain has the first stage of a conducted tour of Europe on the way to Berlin via the Ardennes and crossing the Rhine in an engineless aircraft accompanied by appropriate welcoming fireworks.

But that was a pragmatic era unlike today’s weirdness. Yesterday afternoon there was 4inches of rain in less than 2 hours that flooded Route 22 in Scotch Plains destroying part of the roadway.

According to reports East Front between Leland and Terrill Rd. was also flooded as was Rt.78 west of Berkley Heights. As expected the runoff down from the Mt.St.Marys flooded the intersection on 22.

At my house the rain did not seem as heavy as we have had other times. Sonia had left then and when she crossed the bridge at South A she first ran into rain so heavy she could not see to drive. Ultimately at her home off GreenbrookRd east of West End Ave there was almost no sign that it had rained. Weird!!!

Even weirder was my today’s print edition Ledger. I could find no mention of the storm, although the internet edition does have some mention.

Perhaps the Ledger’s failure was due to the fact that it could only print one anti-Christie article about him being in 12th place against Hillary. It  seems that there was no way the Ledger could blame Christie for the localised storm and flooding.

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