Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It looks most likely that Joe Biden will enter the race for the Democrat’s nomination’ He will be a factor that will cut dramatically into Hillary’s lead.

Bernie Sanders is a popular phenomenon who has little chance when the pros take over the process. He is too far to the left for even the most socialistic component of the party. Also he has considered himself so independent that there are reports that he often eats his lunch alone while the Senate is in session.

The others; former Governor of Rhode Island- Lincoln Chafee, Former Governor of Maryland-Martin O’Malley, and former senator from Virginia-Jim Webb may last until the 6 planned debates but will be like that proverbial snowball in Hades.

That leaves Hillary. Will she survive the supposed classified email scandal? Certainly at best she showed poor judgement by supposedly using a personal account instead of the State Department’s system. Her response to early criticism has been Nixon like, including after receiving a summons to produce he emails the destroying of numerous messages as being of a personal nature.

Hillary has a tract record full of subterfuges although never convicted of any wrong doing There is little likely hood that the present investigation will result in criminal charges but the aroma of dishonesty will remain.

Besides the Benghazi situation which has of yet not received the full Republican focus; her performance in the early Clinton administration as the one to produce a federalized health care system was a complete failure.

Nor was her embracing Arafat’s wife a point getter.

All the above make her a less than a desirable President. Unlike Obama who seized the racial moment, she is not the woman who can rally men around her. She does not exude trust.

To conclude; if Biden dos enter the ring it is he who will be the Democrat’s nominee and most likely the next President.


  1. Biden has a bad case of "hoof & mouth disease" and this would be a big problem for the Democrats should he become the nominee.

  2. Hillery's email scandal worse than Nixon's. But no worries, Plainfield voters will support Biden, Clinton or Sanders, whoever on the DEM/ Socialists on the left wing base.

    Gets black voters no where.