Sunday, August 30, 2015


There is a Special Council Meeting in the City Hall Library at 7:00 pm Monday night for the specific purpose to vote on the PILOT for the South Ave development.

Since most Council meetings including IMPORTANT Special Meetings are held in the Court House which can hold a substantial number of attendees; the location of this meeting plus the time it is called for raises a question if the Mayor anticipates a Council Boycott.

That would result in a non-meeting due to the lack of a quorum. The lack of a quorum would permit the Taylor, Tolliver, Rivers block from having to face the public and justify their objections to the PILOT with legitimate concerns not to put it bluntly a bunch of c—p.

Yes I have a concern about the PILOT which had not been addressed and that was the length of the agreement. That has not been the argument presented by Taylor or Tolliver. Instead Taylor among other things about being disrespected had questioned an under the table deal. She had also mentioned that she too knew how to play the game. (Listen to the video from the last Council meeting).

If any Council member has a reason to reject the PILOT let he /she go on the record. Likewise if any Council wishes to abstain their reason should also be recorded.

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  1. We have so much hot air from Council members who would not be in office if not for Jerry Green and have worked hard to discredit this administration and hold Plainfield back. Perhaps we need to recall these people. If they worked for me I would have fired them long ago. Thank God there was Jerry to get some of them jobs.