Monday, August 10, 2015


Too nice a weekend to write a blog. I did overlook two contentious Ordinances  up for first reading; Once again Administration is trying to create the position of "Manager of Motors  and to set a salary range.

While I believe that this is a good and sensible move,but in view of the Council's previous comments and non action  there probably is little chance of this being placed on next Monday's agenda. Of course politics being politics except where Trump is involved anything can happen.

The tenor of many of the comments by a few of the Councilors  last time seemed to be  for whom Mapp was making a job. That was enough to result in no action.

However, I will call your attention to Alan Goldstein's comments on Bernice's blog today about the lack of support material on line. and/or study to justify the  position. This subject never came up the last time. Logically it sounds like a positive move but typical administration vague statements are not enough to justify.

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