Monday, August 17, 2015


After a pleasant quiet weekend, a Sunday visit by my son and daughter-in-law, and having been spared the agony of having to watch the Mets’ bullpen’s debacle I was not in the mood to blog for this am.

However there is a Council meeting tonight and although everything on the agenda was determined last Monday there are several actions that will be watched tonight.

One is of course R 280-15: Resolution Authorizing the Assignment of the Lease of Dudley House from Sunrise House Foundation, Inc. to American Addiction Centers, Inc.

Is there a lease to be assigned? The background material on provides the original lease which expired 12/31/14. There is a provision for four five year extensions but no documentation has been presented to show that the option was exercised. If it has not been legally done, the resolution is mute.

Has Administration been derelict in its duty? Or, sloppy in information provided to Council and public as in the Motor Manager Ordinance?

The other factor is the PILOT Ordinance for the South Ave project which did not receive a sufficient yes votes to be included. If the members of the Council who voted against it or abstained do not provide adequate explanation other than BS about not having knowledge about the project or having been kept out of the loop! Do not vote to reconsider the PILOT tonight the only conclusion I can have is that this Counicl’s interest is self-serving by hampering the Administration.

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